Responsive Design

People are changing the way they access information, moving away from PC’s towards mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Websites designed solely for PC monitors can be difficult to navigate on other devices.  If your customer can’t view and navigate your website easily the chances are that they will give up and go to another website. Google recognise this and sites they believe are not "mobile friendly" are losing their positions in search results.

This is where responsive design comes in, a responsive website makes a huge difference in how your site works for each visitor and makes it more popular with search engines such as Google. We appreciate this and develop our sites to adapt to different screen resolutions, making your site as user friendly as possible on multiple devices, all without sacrificing quality or content.

Try having a look at our website on a couple of different devices to experience how much difference a well thought out responsive design can make.

iphone responsive design


If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you run the risk of losing traffic, visitors, and potentially business.

ipad responsive design


One of our current favourite responsive designs is from Mercedes-Benz. The layout ensures that the end user gets the best online experience, perfectly designed to be "large as life" on any device.

imac responsive design


Having one site that works across multiple devices offers significant savings over creating multiple native mobile apps.