Management System Features

The Member Management System (MMS) has been designed specifically for livery companies and associated charities. It contains everything that is needed to manage members, events and groups. It also includes a members area which can be attached to a new or existing website.


Member and staff records can be created, searched, updated and deleted from the Contacts page. Information is split and grouped into related areas such as Personal Information and Contact Details. It also stores historical data such as event attendance and past payments.


The Membership section appears on each members record. It includes information such as membership type (aka level), sponsors and historical data such as progression through the company. The system also includes features specific to Livery companies such as tallage which can be enabled or disabled as required.


Member events can be created and managed within the MMS. Multiple event plans can be configured so you could, for example, set different prices for different membership levels, or allow different members to bring different numbers of guests. When you’re ready you can also publish events to the members area of your website allowing members to book themselves and their guests onto events from their computers or mobile devices.


The MMS includes an advanced search feature allowing you to create your own custom searches. These can be simple such as finding all active members, or more advanced, for example finding all liverymen and freeman under the age of 40. Once you have performed a search you can export the results to other software, such as Microsoft Excel, or send an email to all members who have been found. Searches can be saved to make them even easier to find and perform in the future.


The MMS features an advanced wine management module which has been developed with input from several Livery companies. It allows company staff to manage stock levels and assign wines to events.


The MMS includes a Members Area which can be attached to either a new or existing website. Members can log in for the following benefits:

  • An Events Calendar to find and read about upcoming events, including who else is attending.
  • Event booking, including payments where necessary.
  • Latest News – a place for members to keep up to date with the latest company news.
  • Galleries – these can contain any images you would like to share with members, photos of recent events are a common choice.
  • Resources – a place where members can find and download company documents.
  • Find information about other members, such as contact details. Members have the ability to control what information they share with others.
All of the above are controlled by company staff and are only visible to logged in members.


  • Emails can be created and sent from within the MMS to individuals, groups, event attendees or just about any set of members found via the search feature. We make use of specialist email services to minimise the chance of emails being seen as spam.
  • If you already have a database (or spreadsheets) containing information about your members we can usually import these directly into the MMS.
  • No additional software is required.
  • The system can be accessed from any computer at any time.
  • New features are regularly added and does not usually incur further costs.


The MMS is a system by ASAP Computer Services. ASAP have had close working relationships with livery companies for over 15 years, the MMS has been improved and refined over 10 years. The system has been developed in conjunction with The Ironmongers Company, The Barbers Company and The Shipwrights Company.

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